Empowering the Young: Sensitization in Rural Balawoli, Kamuli District

In the heart of Balawoli, a serene rural district nestled in Kamuli, Uganda, the children’s laughter resonates through the rolling hills. This is the tale of Balawoli’s commitment to empower its youth, with a focus on sensitization during school events to protect children from the perils of early marriages and sexual violence. The Battle for…

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Empowering Girls: Triumphing Over Adversity in Balawoli, Kamuli District, Uganda

In the heart of Uganda, amidst the challenging terrain of Balawoli in the Kamuli District, a school stands resilient, offering hope to countless young girls. Despite their potential, these girls grapple with immense hurdles due to their economic backgrounds. In a region marred by issues like underage marriages, persistent hunger, and the harrowing specter of…

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